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Your vision from beginning to the end

Here at Vision Team Post-production we help you reach any goal and we constantly upgrade ourselves to latest technologies in order to meet your every need.

Our Post-production capacities are continuously changing to follow the latest demands of our clients, we offer everything through entire pipeline of your project, from on-set dailies, editing, colour grading, 3D animations and sound design to final deliveries for web, TV or cinema.

In our post-production facilities, we have 3 editing studios, sound studio and DaVinci resolve grading suite.

We have a customizable secure storage of variable size depending on your needs.

We also collaborate with a wide range of industry professionals and post-production houses to bring your vision to reality.

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Film Post-production

“Santa Maria Della Salute”2016-2017Director Zdravko Šotra

“Biser Bojane” 2017 Director Milan Karadžić
“Gorčilo – Jesi li to došao da me vidiš” 2014 -2015 Director Milan Karadžić
“Mali Budo“ 2014 Director Danilo Bećković
“Jesen Samuraja“ 2016 Director Danilo Bećković


TV Production
Survivor Serbia- Panama, 2008
Survivor Serbia- Caramoan/ Philippines, 2009
Survivor VIP- Caramoan/ Philippines, 2010 (for Serbia and Ex-Yu region)
Survivor VIP- Costarica, 2011 (for Serbia and Ex-Yu region)

EXIT music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006-2016

“Čik pogodi “ quizz, 2008-2009, B92
“Hajde da se igramo“ quizz, 2009-2010, B92
“Pitanja za Šampiona“ quizz 2006-2009, B92
“Hitna Pomoć“docu-style, reality-based show, 2010, B92
“Priči nikad kraja” talk show, B92
“Pevaj brate” Sitcom, 2 seasons, 2011-2012 TV Prva
“Budva na pjenu od mora” TV series, 2011 / 12 episodes
“Budva na pjenu od mora” TV series, 2012 / 12 episodes
“Budva na pjenu od mora” TV series, 2014 / 40 episodes
“Mala Istorija Srbije” mini TV series for TV NOVA, 2014, 36 episodes, and 2014/2015 50 episodes, RTV
“Odeljenje” TV Series, 1 pilot episode, currently 12 episodes in preparation
“Komšije” TV Series, 1 season, 12 episodes, 2015, RTS
“Komšije – New Year‘s special”, 2015, RTS
“Komšije” TV series, 2 seasons, 12 episodes, 2015/2016, RTS
“Komšije” TV series, 3 seasons, 40 episodes, 2017, RTS
“Pansion evropa” TV series, 1 season, 2017, RTS